How To Make $500-$1000 A Week With Your Photo Booth Hustle And Flow

I love working my photo booth side hustle and flow for many reasons.  I mean you get to interact with people,  I constantly busy and time goes by so fast because everyone is having so much fun.  Most importantly is that the photo booth business can also  be very profitable.  Yes.. Really… You, can actually make a living.

Hustle and flow

Okay…. So I want to give you an idea of how much money you can make with your photo booth hustle and flow.  Heres the break down.

Fees and Events

Lets start out with social events like birthday parties, holiday parties, sporting events, and graduations.  These can typically run any where from $500 to $1000 per event, or $300-$400 per hour.  Rates will vary from market to market.  This really depends on the owners strategy.  As a photo booth owner you have to decide, if you want to be less expensive and do more events per month, or do you want to have more competitive pricing so your service is regarded as a top tier offering. 

hustle and flow

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In most cases photo booth owners will start off slow, but will get busier as they develop a more repeat clients and referrals.  Now the best way to book an event is to do events.  This allows potential clients to see your business in action.  So…Happy photoboothing and enjoy your hustle and flow.



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