Canon T6i How it Works

Canon T6i How it Works

Canon T6i


Some photographers feel that it does not matter what type of camera you use its all about the skill. yes, skill is very important it is just as important to have the right equipment. This is why I love using canon’s T6i  to make the job a little easier.
Finding the right camera can be pretty simple… You just need to know where to look and who to ask. When I decided I wanted to be a photographer I had to do my research on what camera would work best for me , I found that Canon cameras was the way to go. I stated out with the Canon T1i , which was the best camera ever! After mastering my T1i I want more…I wanted to be able to capture more and I need something that was a little more user friendly so I decided to go with the Canon T6i, this was the best decision I could ever make … I mean…I am able to control my T6i camera with my smart phone also it seems like my pictures are looking a lot more crisp and clear. So there you have it… Canon T6i is the new love of my life. Below I will list for you some of the benefits and great features associate with Canons T6i.


Highest resolution Canon APS-C camera yet; Improved dynamic range over
T5i; Good high ISO performance for its class; Very fast autofocus;
Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC; Touchscreen tilt/swivel LCD.

The Rebel T6i brings a variety of improvements compared to the T5i,
including an upgraded APS-C sensor that stands now at 24.2 megapixels
rather than 18MP. The autofocus sensor has seen improvement, moving from
a 9-point AF sensor to a 70D-like 19-point AF sensor in which all 19
points are cross-type phase-detection points. The metering sensor is
improved as well, as it is now a 7,560 pixel RGB + IR metering sensor
with skin tone detection. The T6i has a fully articulating 3″ LCD with
touchscreen capabilities and 1.04 million dots. The native ISO range

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