Starting A Photo Booth Business.

One of the most asked questions when deciding to start a photo booth business is “Where do I start?” and “How much will it cost?”.  These are two very important questions every business owner ask when making  that big move. 

Well… I’m here to give you a simple over view on how to get started in creating a photo booth business.  We will focus on some common mistakes beginners makes and go over details of what  exactly to use to help you quickly start your very own photo booth business.

Equipment and Supplies


I use a SS Photo booth that is easy to disassemble and is probably one of the most common out there. The booth I use along with how to assemble it can be best described in this video.

I hope you learned a lot from the video and see I told you it was easy.

Now for the fun part getting your photo booth props and you are in the right place for that.  Here at Tummy Tickles Designs we sale durable high quality wooden photo booth props perfect for all of your photo booth events.  You can order your beautifully painted wooden photo at our etsy shop tummy  There you will find photo booth glasses, mustaches, lips etc…  

How Long Until the Booth is Paid for?

If you book events at a modest price (depending on your market) of even $600, that means after variable expenses you have roughly $500 left, which then means it would take roughly ten events to pay off your equipment. This, of course, is not taking into account any wages or accounting for your time. However, once your booth is paid for it’s quite easy to have an average hourly rate of $100 an hour. Also check out my article how to make $500-$1000 a week with your photo booth. 

Advertising Your Photo Booth

Once you have your business up and running you’re going to want to find clients. I get the vast majority of my photo booth reservations via my website, which means I highly recommend you build one, or have one built for you. The vast majority of folks are going to find your new photo booth business online. You may also consider building your site and taking reservations before you even order your physical booth. This will allow you to test the market before investing thousands into your business.

Facebook – Since this is for a business, you’ll want to create a facebook page rather than just a person’s account. That way you can have people like your page and even advertise directly on facebook.
Youtube – Video marketing is huge right now, so why not create a few promotional videos of your photo booth along with using keywords of your local market, such as “your city photobooth rental” with a basic video of what you have to offer in “your city.”
Flickr – Create a free account to share photos and rank for search engine terms related to your local keywords.

Yelp – Local advertising for your business where you can offer promotions and get people to reveiw you.
Google Places for Business – Since your photo booth business will be local, you can add it to the Google Places local directory which will help people nearby find your business online.




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